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Tesla Model S: Camera - Rear Facing (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Infotainment / Camera - Rear Facing (Remove and Replace)


  1. Remove the tailgate lower finisher (refer to procedure).
  2. Pull back the watershield for access to the rear camera electrical connector.

    Camera - Rear Facing (Remove and Replace)

  3. Disconnect the rear camera electrical connector.
  4. Remove the liftgate applique (refer to procedure).
  5. Remove the screws (x3) that secure the rear applique bracket to the tailgate (torque 2.4 Nm). Remove the applique bracket.

    Camera - Rear Facing (Remove and Replace)

  6. Remove the screws (x2) that secure the camera to the applique bracket (torque 2.4 Nm).
  7. Release the grommet from the tailgate opening.
  8. Remove the camera assembly from the vehicle.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.


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