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Tesla Model S: Speaker - Front Door Premium Audio - LH/RH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Infotainment / Speaker - Front Door Premium Audio - LH/RH (Remove and Replace)


  1. Remove door trim panel (refer to procedure)
  2. Remove 4 screws securing speaker to spacer ring (torque 1.8 Nm).
  3. Remove connector from door speaker.
  4. Remove front door speaker.
  5. Remove 4 screws securing trim ring to door shell (torque 1.8 Nm).

    Speaker - Front Door Premium Audio - LH/RH (Remove and Replace)


Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.

Note: If reinstalling existing speaker and/or trim ring, inspect the seals on each. If seals are damaged, speaker/trim ring assembly must be replaced.


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