Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Horizontal Alignment

Note: Perform the "Vertical Alignment" procedure before performing the "Horizontal Alignment" procedure.

  1. Connect a laptop with Toolbox 2.0 or later to the vehicle.
  2. Perform the Radar Service Drive Alignment (SDA) procedure: Note: Bring the hex driver in the vehicle during the drive cycle. Note: The following steps require an assistant.
    1. Shift the vehicle into Park.
    2. Select Panels > Driver Assist > Radar Service Drive Alignment.
    3. Click the Start/Play button.
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions. Warning: Perform the calibration procedure in a suitable location and comply with all local traffic safety laws.
  3. If Toolbox determines that the radar sensor needs to be adjusted, adjust the horizontal set screw as necessary.

    Horizontal Alignment

    Note: If necessary, use the following images as a guide.

    Clockwise turn Counterclockwise turn

  4. If the radar sensor was adjusted in the previous step, perform steps 2 and 3 until Toolbox determines that the radar sensor does not need to be adjusted.
  5. Read DTCs:
    1. In Toolbox, select Panels > Alerts > DTCs.
    2. Ensure that the "Check all" box is checked.
    3. Click Read DTCs.
    4. Clear DTCs as necessary.

Receiver - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) - Immobilizer (Remove and Replace)


Remove the Body Controller Module:

  • If the vehicle is left hand drive (LHD), refer to procedure.
  • If the vehicle is right hand drive (RHD), refer to procedure.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.


     Casing - Transmitter - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

    Caution: Perform this procedure while using the proper anti-electrostatic discharge equipment. Refer to TN-14-92-003, "Electrostatic Discharge Tooling". Removal Remove the transm

     Transmitter - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) - Programming

    Key LearnCaution: Before beginning this procedure, it is necessary to have all keys present. Any keys that are not present will deactivate after completing the procedure. Sit in the d

     LF Antenna - Bumper Carrier (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove the underhood storage unit (refer to procedure) Disconnect the LF antenna harness connector. Working thr


     Bushing Removal, Front Motor Mount

    Warning: To avoid personal injury, eye protection must be worn when performing this operation.Warning: To avoid personal injury, safety-toe shoes and cut-resistant gloves are recommended when performing this operation. Note: A demonstration video for removing and replac

     Shift Using the Center Console

    In addition to manually shifting on the touchscreen, you can shift by pressing P, R, N or D located on the center console. In most situations, these buttons are not available until you press one of the buttons to activate it. When active, the LEDs associated with each button illuminate and when

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