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Tesla Model S: Transmitter - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) - Programming

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Electrical / Transmitter - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) - Programming

Key Learn

Caution: Before beginning this procedure, it is necessary to have all keys present. Any keys that are not present will deactivate after completing the procedure.

  1. Sit in the driver's seat and step on the brake pedal to turn on the drive rail.
  2. Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle.
  3. In the Toolbox "Pektron Service Key Learn" panel, run the "Manual Key Learn" procedure..
  4. Ensure that all keys are within 12 in (300 mm) of the front cupholders. Caution: Any keys that are not present will deactivate after completing the procedure.
  5. Click the Start/Play button.
  6. Enter the appropriate values in the "Number of keys to keep" and "Number of keys to program" fields.
    • Number of keys to keep: The number of currently active keys that will remain active after completing this procedure.
    • Number of keys to program: The number of inactive keys that will activate after completing this procedure.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  9. Ensure that all keys function properly.


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