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Tesla Model S: HV Battery Charge/Discharge - 4th Generation Tool (Out of Vehicle)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Battery System / HV Battery Charge/Discharge - 4th Generation Tool (Out of Vehicle)



Warning: Only technicians who have been trained in High Voltage Awareness are permitted to perform this procedure. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and insulating HV gloves with a

 Starting/Discharging the System

Starting the System Press the emergency stop button to disable HV systems. Pull out the display/keyboard/trackpad tray. Press the red power button to turn on the on-board PC. Follo

 Charging the Battery

Select Manual Mode from the Charge/Discharge Mode menu. Type the desired SOC in the Target SOC% field, or drag the Target SO


 Loading New Software

Tesla updates your vehicle's software wirelessly, constantly providing new features. Tesla recommends you install software updates at the earliest opportunity on your vehicle. To ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of software updates, leave Wi-Fi turned on and connected whenever poss

 Wire Harnesses

RST-182-F Tesla part number: 1013716-00-A Description: TOOL, HARNESS, 4-WAY BREAKOUT Model: Roadster, Model S Status: Distribu

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