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Tesla Model S: Neutral

Neutral allows Model S to roll freely when you are not pressing the brake pedal. To shift into Neutral, do any of the following:

  • Open Controls, then press and hold the Neutral icon on the drive mode strip until Model S engages Neutral.
  •  Choose Neutral from the drive mode selector on the center console.

NOTE: When Model S is traveling over 5 mph (8 km/h) and you swipe up or down on the touchscreen's drive mode strip, a Neutral icon displays at the bottom of the drive mode strip from which you can also choose to engage Neutral.

NOTE: You must press the brake pedal to shift out of Neutral if Model S is moving slower than approximately 5 mph (8 km/h).

Model S automatically shifts into Park when you open the driver's door to exit the vehicle. To stay in Neutral even when you leave Model S, you must engage Transport Mode (described next).

Keeping Your Vehicle in Neutral (Transport Mode)

Model S automatically shifts into Park whenever you finish driving and leave Model S. To keep Model S in Neutral when you exit, allowing it to roll freely (for example, pulling onto a flatbed truck), you must activate Transport mode:

1. Shift into Park.

2. Press the brake pedal.

3. Touch Controls > Service > Towing. The touchscreen displays a message reminding you how to properly transport Model S.

4. Press and hold the Transport Mode button until it turns blue. Model S is now free-rolling and can slowly be rolled (no faster than walking speed) for short distances or winched (for example, onto a flatbed truck).

For more information on Transport Mode.

NOTE: In Transport mode, Model S does not shift into a drive mode. You must first cancel Transport mode by touching Transport Mode again. Transport mode also cancels if you use the touchscreen or drive mode selector on the center console to shift into Park or if you manually apply the parking brake by touching Controls > Safety > Parking Brake.



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