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Tesla Model S: Ride Height - Adjust

Special tool required for this procedure:

Supplier Part Number Description
Tesla 1049633-00-A Ride Height Measuring Tool
  1. Use Toolbox to verify that the "Wheel Type" vehicle configuration variable is correct. If necessary, change the vehicle configuration. Note: Changing the "Wheel Type" configuration variable affects the target calibration height.
  2. Position the vehicle on a flat, level surface that has adequate workspace on the sides of the vehicle.
  3. Adjust the tire pressures to the recommended values. In this manual, refer to General Information > Technical Data > Tire Pressures.
  4. Remove heavy objects from the vehicle.
  5. Ensure that the steering wheel is centered.
  6. Ensure that there are no people in the vehicle.
  7. Calibrate the ride height measuring tool:
    1. Measure the overall height of the measuring end of the tool.

      Ride Height - Adjust

    2. Adjust the tool to compensate for the measured height. Tighten the knob to secure the adjuster.

      Ride Height - Adjust

  1. Run the Toolbox "Air Suspension Calibration" procedure. When prompted, measure as shown:

    Ride Height - Adjust

    Ride Height - Adjust

  2. Confirm proper system functionality by selecting a different ride height from the center display.
  3. If equipped, calibrate the front radar sensor (refer to procedure).


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