Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Seat Assembly - 3rd Row (Remove)


  1. Open the liftgate.
  2. Fold down the third row seats.


Caution: Take care not to damage component(s). Caution: Protect the interior trim from possible damage.


  1. Remove the bolts that secure the third row seatbelt straps (torque 26 Nm). Remove the seatbelt straps. Note: The bolts screw into nut inserts that are able to slide freely within the body panel. After removing each seatbelt strap, place a wedge through the bolt hole so that the nut inserts do not slide out of position. If they do, refer to the installation instructions for how to reposition them.

    Seat Assembly - 3rd Row (Remove)

    Seat Assembly - 3rd Row (Remove)

  2. Release the seat cushion catches on either side of the seat assembly.

    Seat Assembly - 3rd Row (Remove)

  3. With an assistant, remove the 3rd row seat from the vehicle.


     Seat Assembly - 3rd Row (Replace)

    Installation Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following: Before installing the mounting bolts, ensure that the mounting bracket holes

     Cover - Outer Side - Driver's Seat (Remove and Install)

    Removal Open both driver's side doors. Power the seat height adjust fully upwards for access. Remove the screw that secures the outer side cover to the seat (torque 1 Nm).

     Cover - Back Rest - Driver's Seat (Remove and Install)


     Multi-Collision Braking

    In addition to Automatic Emergency Braking, your vehicle may apply the brakes to prevent or mitigate a subsequent impact after an initial collision if airbag deployment is detected. The brakes may be applied regardless of driving speed. Obstacle-Aware Acceleration Obstacle-Aware Acceleration is

     Striker - Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Open door. Remove countersunk screws (x2) securing striker plate to rear door (torque 22 Nm). Note: Note installed position of components before removal. Remove door striker.

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