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Tesla Model S: Sensor - Impact - Front (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Safety and Restraint / Sensor - Impact - Front (Remove and Replace)

Warning: To avoid personal injury, observe all relevant safety precautions before removing or testing any SRS components.


  1. Remove the underhood storage unit:
    • Rear wheel drive (RWD): Refer to procedure.
    • Dual Motor: Refer to procedure.
  2. Disconnect the front impact sensor connector.

    Sensor - Impact - Front (Remove and Replace)

  3. Loosen the screw that secures the impact sensor to the front carrier (torque 6 Nm).

    Caution: The screw is left-hand threaded / reverse threaded. However, when the screw is being loosened from the tip (as opposed to the head), it functions the same as a normal screw.

    Sensor - Impact - Front (Remove and Replace)

  4. Remove the front impact sensor.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.


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    General This section provides general information which can help to reduce the environmental impacts from the activities carried out in workshops. Emissions to air Many of the activities that are carried out in workshops emit gases and fumes which contribute to global warming, depletion

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