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Tesla Model S: Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Electrical / Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)


  1. Remove the front fascia (refer to procedure).
  2. Remove the radar sensor gasket.

    Note: The flaps on each side of the radar sensor gasket are secured by double-sided tape.

    Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)

  3. Use a trim tool or flathead screwdriver to gently pry up the tab on the top of the inner bracket. Gently release the radar sensor from the bracket.

    Caution: The radar sensor is still connected by a harness. Do not attempt to remove the radar from the vehicle at this time.

    Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)

  4. Disconnect the harness on the bottom of the radar sensor.

    Caution: There is little slack in the harness; do not damage the connector.

    Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)

  5. Remove the radar sensor.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following:

  • Replace the double-sided tape on the inboard side of the flap on each side of the radar sensor gasket before installing.

    Sensor - Radar - Front (Remove and Replace)

  • Calibrate the front radar sensor (refer to procedure).


     Calibration - Front Radar Sensor

     Vertical Alignment

    Special tools required for this procedure: Supplier Part Number Description Tesla 1056984-

     Horizontal Alignment

    Note: Perform the "Vertical Alignment" procedure before performing the "Horizontal Alignment" procedure. Connect a laptop with Toolbox 2.0 or later to the vehicle. Perform the Radar



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