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Tesla Model S: Vertical Alignment

Special tools required for this procedure:

Supplier Part Number Description
Tesla 1056984-00-A Radar Calibration Bubble Level - Cross Test
Tesla 1056723-00-A T-Handle Nut Driver 3.5 MM
The front radar sensor is calibrated by adjusting the set screws (x2) on either side of the radar sensor.

Note: Components have been removed in this graphic to aid clarity.

Calibration - Front Radar Sensor

1 Horizontal alignment screw
2 Vertical alignment screw
Vertical Alignment
  1. Inspect the bubble tool for damage. Caution: Do not perform this procedure with a damaged bubble tool.
  2. Perform a four wheel alignment (refer to procedure). Note: The four wheel alignment is not included in the front radar sensor calibration correction code. Add the four wheel alignment correction code separately. Caution: The vehicle must be level when performing the vertical alignment procedure. Do not remove the vehicle from the alignment rack.
  3. Clean the front of the radar sensor with water and a clean shop towel.
  4. Use the bubble tool to adjust the vertical alignment of the radar sensor:
    1. Gently support the bubble tool flat against the face of the radar sensor so that it is flush with the top, center portion of the gasket.

      Caution: Do not apply excessive pressure to the bubble tool; the radar sensor might become misaligned.

      Note: The radar sensor has a convex shape; ensure that the bubble tool is centered on the highest part of the radar sensor.

      Vertical Alignment

    2. Check the bubble on the long portion of the bubble tool. The radar sensor is calibrated vertically if the bubble is centered between the black lines.

      Caution: The bubble must be centered between the 2 black lines to achieve the required calibration.

      Tip: It might be easier to see the bubble with a flashlight.

      Vertical Alignment

    3. If necessary, adjust the vertical set screw.

      Vertical Alignment

    4. Perform steps b and c as necessary until the radar sensor is calibrated vertically.

    Caution: Remove the hex driver from the vertical set screw while measuring with the bubble tool to avoid misaligning the radar sensor.

  5. Remove the vehicle from the alignment rack.
  6. Perform the "Horizontal Alignment" procedure.


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