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Tesla Model S: Sensor - Wheel Speed - ABS - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Brakes / Sensor - Wheel Speed - ABS - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

Warning: If the vehicle has air suspension, activate "Jack" mode on the touchscreen before raising and supporting the vehicle.


  1. Raise and support the vehicle (refer to procedure)
  2. Remove road wheel for access (refer to procedure)
  3. Remove screw securing wheel speed sensor to knuckle (torque 8 Nm).
  4. Release wheel speed sensor from knuckle.
  5. Release wheel speed sensor harness from securing clip and bracket.

    Sensor - Wheel Speed - ABS - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

  6. Remove mid aero shield (refer to procedure)
  7. Working from below, disconnect wheel speed sensor connector.
  8. Release clips (x4) securing wheel speed harness.

    Sensor - Wheel Speed - ABS - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

  9. Remove wheel speed sensor.

Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.

Note: Clean the affected areas before installation.


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