Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Steering Yoke


 Adjusting Steering Yoke Position

To adjust the steering yoke, touch Controls and touch the Steering icon. Use the left scroll button on the steering yoke to move the steering yoke to the desired position: To adjust the height/ti

 Overview of Steering Yoke Buttons

Your Model S features stalkless driving in which all controls you need when driving are accessible on the steering yoke. Right turn signal High beam headlights* Left turn signal Left scroll b

 Left Scroll Button

Use the scroll button on the left side of the steering yoke to adjust the position of the mirrors and steering yoke. It also controls the wipers and media player. When using media player, push th


 Carpet - Underhood Storage (Remove and Install)

Removal Open the hood. Remove the lower carpet from the underhood storage area. Remove the upper trim panel by pulling down on the bottom, then pulling out toward the front of the vehicle.

 Door - Charge Port - Single Phase - Motorized (Remove and Replace)

Note: The charge port door and motor are removed as an assembly. Removal Remove the LH tail light assembly (refer to procedure). Remove the screws (x3) that secure the charge port door to the tail light assembly (torque 2.5 Nm).

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