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Tesla Model S: Motor - Sunroof - LH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Roof / Motor - Sunroof - LH (Remove and Replace)


  1. If the vehicle is equipped with premium audio, remove the premium boost amplifier module (refer to procedure).
  2. Disconnect the sunroof motor harness connector.
  3. Remove the screws (x3) that secure sunroof motor to the dash frame (torque 5 Nm).

    Motor - Sunroof - LH (Remove and Replace)

  4. Release the sunroof motor assembly and disconnect the module from the drive tube.
  5. Remove the sunroof motor module.

    Motor - Sunroof - LH (Remove and Replace)


Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.


     Motor - Sunroof - RH (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove glove box assembly (refer to procedure) Disconnect sunroof motor harness connector. Remove screws (x3) securing sunroof motor to 'A' post (torque


     Subframe Assembly - Rear (Remove and Install)


     Rocker Panel - LH (Remove and Replace)

    Removal Remove the plastic rivets (x2) that secure the trailing edge of the front wheel arch liner to the rocker panel finisher. Remove the plastic rivets (x4) that secure the leading edge of the rear wheel arch lin

     Installing ISOFIX (LATCH) Child Seats

    Lower LATCH anchors are provided in the rear outboard seats. The anchors are located between the seat's back rest and rear cushion. The exact location of each anchor is identified by a child safety seat identification button, illustrated below. The button is located on the seat back, directly a

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