Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: Instructions for Transporters


 Do Not Transport with Wheels On the Ground

The front and rear motors in Model S generate power when the wheels spin. Always transport Model S with all four tires off the ground. Ensure that the tires are unable to spin at any time during tr

 Approved Methods for Transporting

A flatbed truck or comparable transport vehicle is the recommended method of transporting Model S. The vehicle can face either direction when using a flatbed. If Model S must be transported without

 Disable the Self-Leveling Air Suspension System

NOTE: If Model S has no low voltage power, you need an external low voltage power supply to use the touchscreen. See If Vehicle Has No Power. Your Model S is equipped with an air suspension system


 Pipe - High Pressure - Compressor to Condenser (Remove and Replace)

Removal Recover refrigerant from the vehicle (refer to procedure). Remove the underhood storage unit (refer to procedure). Remove the bolt that secures the high pressure pipe to the compressor (torque 10 Nm). Caution: Plug pipe connections to prevent in

 Charge Port - Single Phase - Non-Motorized (Remove and Replace) - Removal

Note: This procedure describes how to remove and install the single phase charge port. If the vehicle is equipped with a 3 phase charge port, refer to procedure 44012102 (refer to procedure). Warning: The high voltage harness must be removed from the charge port before the charge port

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