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Tesla Model S: Instrument Panels and Pedals

Tesla Model S (2012-2024) Service Manual / Instrument Panels and Pedals


 Switch - Brake Light (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's side lower dash trim (refer to procedure). Rotate the brake light switch 45 degrees clockwise and release it from the brake pedal assembly.

 Brake Pedal (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the brake light switch (refer to procedure). Caution: The brake light switch is a one time use component. Ensure that a new switch is used durin

 Accelerator Assembly (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's footwell cover: Left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles: Refer to procedure. Right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles: Refer to procedure.


 Seal - Door - Rear - C Pillar - Margin - LH (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove door trim (refer to procedure) Release clips (x3) securing flap seal end to door. Note: Components have been removed in this graphic to aid clarity. Caution: Take care not to damage component(s). Carefully release remai

 Bumper Assembly - Front (Remove and Replace)

Warning: If the 12V power supply is disconnected, do not attempt to open any doors with door glass in closed position. Failure to follow this instruction could result in door glass shatter. Note: Before disconnecting the 12V power supply, ensure that the driver's door window

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