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Tesla Model S: Instrument Panels and Pedals

Tesla Model S (2012-2023) Service Manual / Instrument Panels and Pedals


 Switch - Brake Light (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's side lower dash trim (refer to procedure). Rotate the brake light switch 45 degrees clockwise and release it from the brake pedal assembly.

 Brake Pedal (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the brake light switch (refer to procedure). Caution: The brake light switch is a one time use component. Ensure that a new switch is used durin

 Accelerator Assembly (Remove and Replace)

Removal Remove the driver's footwell cover: Left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles: Refer to procedure. Right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles: Refer to procedure.


 Limitations and Inaccuracies

Lane Assist features cannot always detect lane markings and you may experience unnecessary or invalid warnings in these situations: Visibility is poor and lane markings are not clearly visible (due to heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.). The exact detection zone of the ultrasonic sensors varies d

 Unable to charge - Input voltage too high

Voltage must be within Wall Connector rating What this alert means: Over or under voltage protection. What to do: Consult your electrician to ensure appropriate voltage on the circuit breaker that services the Wall Connector. For more information, see the installation guide for your Wall Connector

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