Tesla Model S Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model S: High Voltage System


 Charge Port - Single Phase - Non-Motorized (Remove and Replace)

 Charge Port - Single Phase - Non-Motorized (Remove and Replace) - Removal

Note: This procedure describes how to remove and install the single phase charge port. If the vehicle is equipped with a 3 phase charge port, refer to procedure 44012102 (refer to procedure).

 Charge Port - Single Phase - Non-Motorized (Remove and Replace) - Installation

Installation Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following:   If the charge port has alignment pins, use wire-cutting pliers o



Summon is unlikely to operate as intended in the following types of situations: The driving path is sloped. Summon is designed to operate on flat roads only (up to 10% grade). A raised concrete edge is detected. Summon does not move Model S over an edge that is higher than approximately 1

 Brake Caliper - Rear - Park Brake - LH (Remove and Replace)

Note: If the event of a stuck caliper or motor failure, refer to one of these procedures to release the caliper: Rear Park Brake Caliper - Caliper Seized/Motor Failure - Release Caution: This method requires replacing the caliper after it has been released.

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